BodyGuard VIP
BodyGuard VIP

BodyGuard VIP

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Protect your device and your privacy while staying safe and anonymously with BodyGuard!

BodyGuard secures your phone in a single click from hackers, phishing attacks, malware, virus and gives back your internet privacy to you and uses less than 1% battery in a day.

VPN - Protect your device privacy, hide your IP address and secure your connection on public Wi-Fi with its inbuilt VPN feature.

Safe Browsing- BodyGuard helps to detect and block access to scam or malicious websites before you accidentally open them.

Am I Exposed - Check if your email address has been a part of a data breach in the past and if so, recommendations to mitigate the security risks.

Global Servers - With BodyGuard VIP, you will be able to access our international servers.

Once BodyGuard is activated, it connects your mobile to a secure cloud which acts as a filter between the user and the Internet. Using an advanced signature detection and AI engine we can detect and prevent cyber threats in real-time.

Activating BodyGuard Mobile Security takes less than a minute and while it’s on, you’re always protected.

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