India's #1 VPN for privacy, gaming & streaming

Secure yourself online. Enjoy your favourite shows and sites. Access high-speed servers for ultimate gaming experience. Complimentary cyber insurance included.

Take your digital safety to the next level

Stay private, safe and insured with Safehouse


Global VPN

Access global VPN servers to enjoy global content and safe web browsing so that you can surf internet without any worry. Its time to benefit from an extra layer of protection and anonymous browsing.

Link Protection

Do you ever worry you’ll accidentally click on a dangerous link? With Link Protection, you can click with confidence and browse risk-free.  We scan and filter every link you click, and warn you against opening phishing, scams or fraud.

Safety Score

Find out, at a glance, how exposed you are to digital threats and follow simple steps to monitor, control and improve your online safety. Safety Score gives you a complete picture of your online safety in one rating.

Cyber Insurance

We teamed up with HDFC ERGO to provide our Indian customers with insurance for the digital theft of funds. The complimentary one-year plan covers you for Rs 25,000 in compensation for losses arising from unauthorised digital access to your bank accounts, credit cards or digital wallets.

What our Users Have to say about Safehouse

Great app that provides complete mobile protection. Before using Safehouse, I tried many other apps, but Safehouse takes your online safety to the next level.


Very good app for safe browsing where your identity is not exposed to unknown people


Great app for mobile security browsing, anti-theft options and safe payments

Sai Kiran Gajula

Safehouse stops all kinds of malware. Protects my phone always. Overall a great product. Would recommend this to everyone who has a mobile phone.


I am very new to this security feature but i am finding it really nice.

Sonal Roy

A must have application for your phone that has your valuable information

L. Shivanand

Remote Control is one of my most favorite feature. Safehouse is one of the most user friendly app i use.


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