Safehouse PRO - 1 Year Plan
Safehouse PRO - 1 Year Plan
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Safehouse PRO - 1 Year Plan

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1 Year multi-device subscription for your smartphone & laptop/PC. With one key, access Safehouse VIP Plus on mobile & Safehouse PC/Mac on your PC with our PRO plan. The plan also gives you cyber insurance cover of Rs 25,000 against digital theft of funds.

Features on our mobile app

Secure VPN - Protect your device privacy, hide your IP address and secure your connection on public Wi-Fi.

Link Protection - Safehouse helps to detect and block access to scam or malicious websites before you accidentally open them.

Remote Control - Locate your phone if it is ever lost or stolen. You can remotely lock your phone, track its location, play a loud siren, take a snapshot of the thief who tries to access your device. Visit to track your phone if lost or stolen

App Lock - Lock your sensitive apps with a PIN or fingerprint. Only available for Android

App Source - Find the country of origin for your installed apps. Only available for Android

Breach Detection - Check if your email address has been a part of a data breach in the past and if so, recommendations to mitigate the security risks.


Features on our browser extension for your PC 

Active Defence: blocks malicious attacks and harmful websites and ads.

Link Protection: prevents you from opening dangerous links, like phishing, scams and malware.

Performance Plus: Optimises memory usage and battery consumption by suspending unused tabs and disabling background activities running on them.

Do Not Track: asks websites not to track your browsing activity.

Site Permissions: Monitor and disable the permissions you give to each website, including their access to your camera and microphone.

Breach Detection: real-time dark web monitoring alerts you when your information is leaked.

With Safehouse, it’s easy to monitor, control, protect and improve your digital life so that you know your data is always private and identity secure.